Steamers Selections

OYSTERS…Have Some!!!
Brought in fresh daily to ensure freshest on the coast!!
Raw, shucked oysters – 1/2 dozen –  dozen Market Price
Steamed oysters –              1/2 dozen –  dozen Market Price
1/4 lb
1/2 lb
Wild caught Domestic Shrimp in the shell. Peel ’em & enjoy.
Snow Crab Legs…
1 cluster
2 clusters
Tender, sweet crab meat. You do the crackin’.
1/2 lb
1 lb
New Zealand Green Shell, steamed in old bay & beer.
1/2 dozen
Steamed in the shell and served w/ drawn butter.
Dock Street Steamer Platter…
Oysters, snow crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, corn & potatoes
Sorry, No Substitutions on this Baby!