Wilmington NC Seafood

Dock Street Oyster Bar opened their doors for business in June of 1999 with the goal of specializing in Seafood. We have won Best Oyster Bar in Wilmington for 20 years in a row, as voted by Encore Magazine readers. What separates Dock Street from the other restaurants is that we do not just carry seafood as a side item. The owners Steve Maillard and Louise Forbes Simpson saw a need for a Fresh Local Seafood that was steamed and grilled but never fried. We don’t just advertise local seafood, we actually serve it !

In the 20 years that we have been in business, we have racked up several awards by local diners. They include Best Oysters for the last 20 years in a row , Best overall Seafood Restaurant and swept awards at the Chefs auction that included Best Taste, over all the other popular restaurants in Wilmington. We have been featured in too many magazines articles to mention. This is a small sample from a Oyster blog written by Kim Wilt  http://blog.harborislandoyster.com/2013/04/simply-best-dock-street-oyster-bar.html

Hours of Operation  Temporary Summer 2020

Tuesday thru Friday 4p- 8
Saturday 2-pm to 8 and Sunday 2PM -8 ish
                                           CLOSED ON MONDAY